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Types of provided interpretations

Consecutive interpreting is done when the speaker stops to have what they have said translated before continuing.

The simultaneous interpretation is done without the speaker stopping to have what he said translated before continuing. Consequently, simultaneous interpretation requires less precision and linguistic correction than consecutive interpretation. Simultaneous interpretation is more suitable and recommended for a large audience. As this is a very demanding job, it is strongly recommended that at least two interpreters be hired per language, who take turns every 30 minutes or so.

your academy in the heart of Alicante

If you need an interpreter to accompany you on your trip abroad, at a fair or convention, we offer you the rental of one of our interpreters resident in Spain or the collaboration with one of our external interpreters residing in the countries of your visit.
Quality is our commitment, which is why you can be sure of the best selection of interpreter you can meet before starting your business trip. Before going on a trip, you will know the exact amount of the service contracted.

For more information, please send us your travel schedule and the necessary service. by filling in the form without obligation.

your academy in the heart of Alicante

Large volume translations
If you want to translate large volume documents, it always depends on the delivery date. If the deadlines are very short, we create a team of professional translators and revisers who work together to create translation memory programs and database tools that significantly reduce the total translation time. The final revision by the translators is an integral part of our philosophy and guarantees the quality of the final product. We are always in contact with the customer and, if you wish, we can deliver the translation in several parts, depending on the customer’s needs.

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interpretations FEES

Interpretation fees are based on several important elements:
The type of interpretation (consecutive, simultaneous, travel abroad, etc.).
- The languages interpreted and the number of interpreters involved.
- The nature of the interpretation (conference, business meeting, visit of a foreign delegation) and the topic discussed. - The place of interpretation and the duration of service.
Once all these conditions are known, we send you an exact, detailed and clear calculation.

The delivery time.
- Size of document to be translated.
- The language combinations.
- Standard or specific translation (technical texts, etc.).

The standard translation rate is calculated using the symbol ratio per standard page (1800 characters per standard page). To calculate the final price, you can call us or send us an e-mail. For large volumes of translation, we give customers discounts based on repeated words.

your academy in the heart of Alicante


Because we are able to offer you a wide range of professional translators, trained and responsible for the necessary duration according to your needs for the entire offer of 20+ languages that we offer. Because in the case of business trips abroad, we can offer you the service of employees residing in the country, which reduces your budget.Because you can choose between consecutive, simultaneous or legal interpretation. We always help you choose the interpreter that best suits your needs. In order to obtain the best quality of service, please let us know of your needs at least 48 hours before the start of the event. If it’s a legal interpretation, we always value the collaboration between the client and the interpreter. Therefore, we appreciate the fact that we provide the interpreter, well in advance, with all the information and material possible on the commission so that he can properly prepare his intervention. We offer the interpretation service for all 22 languages, which can also be studied in our academy. German, Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, French, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Swedish, Czech, Turkish and Valencian. You have decided to check the high quality of our services and need more information about the interpretation itself? Send us your translation request

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You have decided to check the high quality of our services and need more information about the interpretation itself?
Send us your translation request

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