Language courses for companies

your academy in the heart of Alicante

Individual ­or group classes with a specific focus on students’needs

- Detailed progress reports throughout the course
- Customised teaching method, with courses tailored to the level and professional requirements of the students
- All courses are taught by native or bilingual teachers, who are responsible and passionate about their work and have considerable experience of training in companies
- We encourage student participation
- We combine grammar and conversation
- The classes are appropriately prepared to attain the course objectives
- We inspire motivation and enthusiasm for the language being studied
- Attendance-based in-company courses or virtual online courses
- We’d love to help you improve your language skills!

your academy in the heart of Alicante

While English is our most popular language, we offer most languages, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Swedish…
You can study all languages online, and depending on your location we offer in-company classes.

English is the language most requestedby companies that are opening their doors to new horizons. You will hear and use it in meetings throughout the world. Understanding andspeaking ENGLISH opens doors.

Learning FRENCH in the business world guarantees improved communications with many countries in Africa. French is spoken by 160 million people in 49 different countries.
FRENCH is the mother tongue of 70million Europeans. It is spoken in France, the Walloon Region of Belgium, francophone Switzerland, Luxemburg, Monaco, Andorra as well as by 6 million Canadians, mainly in the province of Quebec. There is no doubt that understanding and speaking FRENCH opens doors.

Demand for the ITALIAN language has increased thanks to the opportunities that are opening up in this European ally for many Spanish companies.
6 of the 100 largest global companies have their head office in Italy and many more Italian companies have subsidiaries around the world. The economy is mainly focused on three sectors: tourism, the automobile industry and fashion. You will be able to communicate with your customers, your interest and efforts to understand the languageand culture of the country will be apparent and, as a result, your commercial relationships will improve.

your academy in the heart of Alicante


We offer a personalised service; our native or bilingual teachers, responsible and passionate about their work, will help you develop all the linguistic skills you need in an active and practical way. We emphasise the different uses of ENGLISH  FRENCH ITALIAN GERMAN ARABIC CHINESE and NORWEGIAN with regard to pronunciation and vocabulary according to the country.
We offer you classes  that is fully adapted to your needs, focused on the business world, flexible and dynamic, to help you learn the language effectively.
According to the needs and objectives of the student, classes can be taken in a group, in a one-to-one class, or by  google meet platform .
All our courses are eligible for funding from the FUNDAE (up to 100% of the cost).

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